vibrafuzz – the oneness of vibrafuzz

“We wanted to make an album like the prog ones of the early 70s that had just two songs, one on each side. After reading a review of an Ash Ra Tempel album, we tried to recreate the sound it described. On hearing the Ash Ra album it sounded nothing like ours…”

Charlie Cudlip and Olly Page play guitar, whilst Tim Newman is credited with “guitar and all the rest.”

Respected psych label Sound of Cobra had this to say about the release: “An awesome album. Two great tracks of acid trip, like Ash Ra Tempel playing along to Tortoise. Cosmic synth, drum breaks and exciting guitar, a good mix for some kind of reinvented Krautrock”.

Released on the immaculately presented Striate Cortex label. Housed in an Arigato Pak with painted art, pro liner, printed disc and insert. Limited to 100 copies.


~ by vibrafuzzfamily on July 17, 2011.

One Response to “vibrafuzz – the oneness of vibrafuzz”

  1. It was a pleasure to sit and listen to this last night, and to have a guided tour of your vinyl. Thanks for the invite to the studio, i thoroughly enjoyed the conversation and helping to install the tables that support your desk. I look forward to cutting a dub plate with you.

    Blessing to you and the family,

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