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A new (ish) compilation of Vibrafuzz Family material has been released on Fourier Transform as a hand numbered limitied edition cd and free download. When asked to submit material for the Concentric Spaces Vol 2 complilation on Striate Cortex, Vibrafuzz sent in these tracks. Although not originally intended as an album in itself, the tracks seemed to work well together…

1.Two Guitars
Recorded in Cairns in 2006, as the name suggests, the track is made from two guitar lines. I recorded an 8 track ep over two days whilst in Cairns, this is the first track from the sessions to see the light of day.

2. A Note’s Place In Time
From the first Tim Newman solo album, released on Reverb Worship. The album is made entirely from single note samples of Gamelan instruments held at the Nusantara Museum of Ethnocography, Holland.

3. Freak Ballad (original version)
The track chosen for the Striate Cortex compilation. This first version has Tim Newman playing everything. The lead guitar parts were largely replaced with Charlie’s playing on the final version.

4. On Connections Between Instruments
From an album exploring the relationship between traditional Indian music and the contemporary drone genre. The album is soon to be released as a Tim Newman solo album simultaneously with a remix album by Vibrafuzz.

5. Performance 9
Recorded in Nottingham in 2003. I recorded and mixed 10 tracks in a single day, all with a Korg CS30 synth and a Crafter Junior guitar. This track was the best of the bunch and is the first to be released.

6. The Guide (Tim Newman Remix)
One of several tracks recorded for an abandoned project consisting mainly of guitar feedback and drum breaks. This remix lets the guitar do all the talking.

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