Tim Newman – A Truce Between the Cerebral and the Brutish


Vibrafuzz Family are pleased to announce the release of a new Tim Newman. A Truce Between the Cerebral and the Brutish is available now on CD from 267 Lattajjaa, an experimental music label from Helsinki.
In the past, the music I made had two distinct qualities running through it. One was melody, the other was the sounds used to carry the melody. The sound was arrived at by choice of instrument and effects / processing / filtering etc. A cd I recorded as The Dovetail Consort represented a departure from this process. The sounds used were restricted to acoustic instruments with no processing other than reverb. This allowed me to concentrate on melody as the only variable.
This cd looks at the other side of the equation, focusing purely on sound and dispensing with melody. The tracks are made up of single continuous notes played on guitar and heavily processed and looped sections of Indian classical music, The album title comes from a description underneath a photo of King Crimson in The Wire magazine, “a truce between the cerebral and the brutish” just seemed to sum the album up.

~ by vibrafuzzfamily on April 27, 2014.

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