tim newman – gamelan

•July 24, 2011 • 1 Comment

The debut solo CD by Tim Newman represents an exploration of traditional Indonesian Gamelan music. A Gamelan ensemble is made up entirely of percussive instruments, some melodic and some used purely for rhythm. A band called His Name Is Alive made an album of improvised music performed on Gamelan instruments kept at the Museum Of Detroit. I made this album out of interest in where the same instruments would take me.

I found a website at www.marsudiraras.org which contains samples of every note of every instrument in the Gamelan set held at the Nusantara Museum of Ethnography Nusantara in Holland. I made the tracks on this CD by playing the samples “live” from a keyboard with only one or two tracks containing sequenced parts. Mistakes in timing were left in to retain the feel of a performance. Vital weekly said of the album: “I think this is an excellent release. Ten relatively short pieces, quiet, rhythmic, introspective. Never fast, never loud. Tranquility all round.”

This CD is available as a limited edition of 50 through the prolific and artfully designed Reverb Worship label. Each cd has a unique handmade cover.


vibrafuzz – the oneness of vibrafuzz

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“We wanted to make an album like the prog ones of the early 70s that had just two songs, one on each side. After reading a review of an Ash Ra Tempel album, we tried to recreate the sound it described. On hearing the Ash Ra album it sounded nothing like ours…”

Charlie Cudlip and Olly Page play guitar, whilst Tim Newman is credited with “guitar and all the rest.”

Respected psych label Sound of Cobra had this to say about the release: “An awesome album. Two great tracks of acid trip, like Ash Ra Tempel playing along to Tortoise. Cosmic synth, drum breaks and exciting guitar, a good mix for some kind of reinvented Krautrock”. www.soundofcobra.tk

Released on the immaculately presented Striate Cortex label. Housed in an Arigato Pak with painted art, pro liner, printed disc and insert. Limited to 100 copies.

the dovetail consort – east and west ep

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The Dovetail Consort is Tim Newman’s acoustic project. The debut EP is released by superb Irish avant folk label Rusted Rail. As hinted by the title, the EP combines both eastern and western instrumentation and tonalities. “I recorded these tracks by playing a knot of lead parts over a repeating rhythm. The structure owes more to the stripping away of parts than the creating of them, like a sculptor creating by chipping away at material instead of adding to it.” This 3 inch hand stamped EP is housed in a handmade sleeve.